Sunday, September 2, 2012

Forex Trading Education

It's true - anyone can learn to trade forex however, that's not enough to win. The facts support this view, 95% of traders get wiped out. This may seem a paradox but it's not, when you consider it in greater detail. As a vital part of your forex education we will show you how to win and join the elite 5% of winners.
Knowledge is power goes the old saying and yes it is - but you need to learn the right knowledge and apply it and this is where most forex traders fail at the first base.
Learning the RIGHT Knowledge
If you look online you will see lots of mentors and gurus telling you how easy it is to make money and of course its not. However, most novice traders get blinded by greed and simply swallow what they are told. They then make these critical errors and learn the wrong knowledge
Below are some beliefs that novice traders learn from gurus and mentors trying to make a fast buck
- they're all dead wrong and will see you lose and lose quickly.
- Day trading works
- Forex scalping is great low risk way of trading
- To win at forex you need to predict market movement
- Complicated systems work better than simple ones
- Markets move to scientific theories
- Buy low sell high is great trading strategy
- Trading the fundamentals puts the odds on your side
- News stories and expert market opinion and can lead you to currency trading success
The list goes on and on.
If you believe any of the above, you will lose and need to continue with your forex trading education.
Get logical forex information, to make yourself a simple robust forex trading strategy that trades the odds and your half way there.
While you can have a great forex trading method, this does not guarantee you forex trading success. Why? Take a look at this equation:
Simple Logical Robust method + Discipline to Apply = Long Term Success
You may have a winning method but you still need to apply it with discipline and trading with discipline is the major problem most traders face.
To obtain discipline, you must have logic that works and you must have confidence in it. This may sound obvious but it's surprising how many traders can't stay on course.
Even if you have confidence discipline is not easy when your taking loss after loss for weeks on end (and don't be fooled even the best traders face this) but if you have the mindset to keep executing your trading signals with discipline, you can emerge as a long term winner and enter the elite 5% who make the big money from currency trading.
The rewards are huge in forex trading and can be life changing.
You therefore wouldn't expect it to be easy however there's a big difference between something being easy and being possible.
So get the right forex trading education, have confidence in what you learn and the discipline to apply it and the huge profit potential of global forex trading awaits you and a potential life changing income.

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