Sunday, September 30, 2012

Free Educational Websites For Preschool - School-House-Rock

It would be hard to argue the popularity of contemporary children's music today. As innovative as it seems, this is not the first time that the contemporary music of the day was used to educate children. In fact, School House Rock blazed this uncharted territory in the 70's.
For my next article in the series I am going old school. Writing about educational websites without including one that is a salute to School House Rock, would be just plain wrong. Especially when you consider how much kids learned from these short cartoons aired on Saturday mornings. is a free educational website tribute to these brilliant cartoon shorts. The site has four main sections representing four subjects covered by the Schoolhouse Rock videos:
  • America Rock - In this section, you will find music and screen shots from the videos teaching about the founding and history of America as well as how the government works. My personal favorites are "The Preamble" and "I'm Just A Bill".There are also lyrics to the songs and educational product links.
  • Grammar Rock - This section contains music, lyrics and screen shots from videos teaching the uses of Adjectives, Adverbs, Conjunctions, Interjections, Pronouns, Verbs, Nouns, Prepositions, Subjects and Predicates. Favorites here are "Conjunction Junction" and Verb: That's What's Happening".
  • Multiplication Rock - Music in this section teach multiplying by zero, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, eleven and twelve. As with the other sections, there are some screen shots and lyrics.
  • Science Rock - Here children find music, lyrics and screen shots teaching about the body, electricity, the solar system, different sources of energy and gravity.
  • The site also features free software, a history of schoolhouse rock, news and a store.
A drawback for this site is that it does not feature the actual cartoons just the music. But you and the children should enjoy it anyway. I really do wish someone would bring these cartoons back. Even if they were updated. The fact that I can still recite the Preamble to the Constitution from memory is a testament to how well children learn when lessons are set to music and how long they can retain the information.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Using French Education Lessons CD

There are two main reasons why individuals try to learn the French language.
1. One reason is that they want to use it in their personal life, either relocating to an area where that language is primarily spoken or in order to be able to communicate with individuals on a day-to-day basis who speak that language.
2. The other reason is in order to use it for business purposes. The world is really becoming a lot smaller and many businesses have to communicate in more than one language in order to get along. Primarily, you're going to need to know how to speak both English and French to do business in many instances. The easiest way for you to be able to learn the language is by using a French education lessons CD regularly.
There are actually two different types of programs that are available when you are using French education lessons CD. The main type is going to be the one that is run on the computer and it can be used in a number of different ways. First of all, you will be able to hear the word and to see it written out at the same time. This can help you not only to learn the verbal language but also to be able to communicate in writing effectively at the same time.
Another way of using French education lessons CD is by having one that contains audio files that you can play in your car. Most of us find that we are sitting in the car on a regular basis, stuck in traffic on our way to and from work. We can either spend that time listening to music or catching up on the news or we could be learning how to speak another language through the use of one of the CDs. Why not take the time that you are spending in your car and put it to good use in this way?
Of course, there are some of these that come bundled together in one package and those are going to be the most benefit to you. Using French education lessons CDs on your personal computer and in your car is going to give you a well-rounded understanding of the language and help you to progress as quickly as possible. Try it for yourself, you'll be surprised at how much you're going to learn in a short period of time.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Your Financial Education

What We Don't Know CAN Hurt Us
You may have heard that you need to work on your thinking patterns, and change your thoughts and actions to change your life. This is very true, but when it comes to finances, this improvement in mindset must to be backed up with a decent financial education.
What is your financial IQ? Were you taught the rules that the wealthy play by when you were young? Were you even taught the rules that 'normal' people should know so that they can take care of the money they earn, watch it create more money and sail slowly and steadily towards financial freedom?
My guess is NO - not just because you are reading this article, but because MOST of us were not. I certainly wasn't. I don't blame my parents or my teachers for this, however, because they were not taught.
Taking Back Our Power
Because of this gap in our knowledge of how to survive, it is wise to learn the basics of finance, along with the other aspects of developing a true prosperity mindset, although these basics are just the beginning of what can be a lifelong learning journey.
I have spent the recent years of my adult life gaining a financial education, and the more I learn the more I see there is plenty to learn. I do enjoy feeling more and more in control of my money, my time and my investments...and increasingly I see clearly that by being ignorant about how money really works we are dooming ourselves to poverty and fear our entire lives.
Knowledge - and knowledge applied - really is power, in this case. I, for one, will not live in fear and poverty ever again, because I am gaining knowledge - more knowledge than many 'financial advisors' who are taught to sell me a portfolio of diversified investments and who will make their fees whether I make any money or not.
I vow that my child will not live in fear or poverty either. She once had a teacher at school who was always telling her to sit down and be quiet and stop being original - he entirely missed her creativity, her amazing intelligence, and in the process stamped out her eagerness and enthusiasm. He admonished her when using a pen instead of a pencil, warning that when she grows up her boss will fire her for being unwilling to comply with simple instructions. Well, sir, I have NEWS for you: my child will never work in some cubicle with an overbearing boss that threatens her all the time. She's going to respect herself and her abilities far more than that, and moreover, she's got a Mom who is learning money lessons VERY well, and will teach them to her...thus she will be making more money than her teacher by the time she is out of high school and considering University or college.
'Spending' Your Time Wisely
In Donald Trump's latest book, co-authored with Rich Dad, Poor Dad's Robert Kiyosaki - 'Why We Want You To Be Rich' - he has a good point about time and money:
"If you saw time as money, would you be more careful with it? For example, if wasting 15 minutes of your time meant you would lose $500, would you be more aware of how those 15 minutes were spent?" He goes on to say "All the money in the world cannot replace time, so proceed accordingly."
Of course we have all thought about this abstractedly, but that question puts it in a way, for me, that sharply focuses my intentions and reminds me to spend my time efficiently...that means learning how to make, use and invest my money even more wisely so that I have even MORE TIME to spend doing what I choose.
The buck stops here. For those of us - that is most - who did not receive this important education at school or at home, it DOESN'T MATTER. You are all grown up now, and time is tickin'. Take control, and educate yourself. It's your money, and it's your life!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Forex Market Trading Tips

The latest in Forex news can be established when you have gained some experience in the forex trading market. You would never appreciate something if you didn't know how it worked and had some obstacles to overcome with it. So is the same for this market. The more experience you gain, the better equipped you are to dominate it! A trader can get down in the dumps and lose a lot of money in this business before they actually learn the lessons required to become a success. If you are a beginner in forex trading or about to start forex trading, I would highly suggest you look into a proven forex trading robot. These will usually put fast money in your pocket and they will teach you a lot about the forex market.
The most important thing you must understand in this playing field is that it is the broker who serves as the middleman. This involves the business of holding your money, trading money on your behalf and then sending you back any profits made; if you make any! You can only possibly be as good as your broker is as there are many sleazy, con-artist brokers out there. Most just flat out lie to you to your face. The Internet is such a free market. It is hard to distinguish between a professional, legitimate website and one that was made in someone's bedroom that often times can look the same. It is critical that you do research. You can do this by using Google as your tool for solving the mysteries of online scams. With some proper research with great tools available online you can get the latest and most up to date Forex news available. Discussion forums offer great advice from such brokers. They will usually give you the good, the bad and the really ugly side of Forex trading. After doing some research you will be a lot more able to make educated decisions when it comes to this market. The way to avoid dealing with a forex broker would be to purchase a forex software robot. All you need to do is put a capital into the system and then the software gets to work and start making profits.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Forex Trading Education

It's true - anyone can learn to trade forex however, that's not enough to win. The facts support this view, 95% of traders get wiped out. This may seem a paradox but it's not, when you consider it in greater detail. As a vital part of your forex education we will show you how to win and join the elite 5% of winners.
Knowledge is power goes the old saying and yes it is - but you need to learn the right knowledge and apply it and this is where most forex traders fail at the first base.
Learning the RIGHT Knowledge
If you look online you will see lots of mentors and gurus telling you how easy it is to make money and of course its not. However, most novice traders get blinded by greed and simply swallow what they are told. They then make these critical errors and learn the wrong knowledge
Below are some beliefs that novice traders learn from gurus and mentors trying to make a fast buck
- they're all dead wrong and will see you lose and lose quickly.
- Day trading works
- Forex scalping is great low risk way of trading
- To win at forex you need to predict market movement
- Complicated systems work better than simple ones
- Markets move to scientific theories
- Buy low sell high is great trading strategy
- Trading the fundamentals puts the odds on your side
- News stories and expert market opinion and can lead you to currency trading success
The list goes on and on.
If you believe any of the above, you will lose and need to continue with your forex trading education.
Get logical forex information, to make yourself a simple robust forex trading strategy that trades the odds and your half way there.
While you can have a great forex trading method, this does not guarantee you forex trading success. Why? Take a look at this equation:
Simple Logical Robust method + Discipline to Apply = Long Term Success
You may have a winning method but you still need to apply it with discipline and trading with discipline is the major problem most traders face.
To obtain discipline, you must have logic that works and you must have confidence in it. This may sound obvious but it's surprising how many traders can't stay on course.
Even if you have confidence discipline is not easy when your taking loss after loss for weeks on end (and don't be fooled even the best traders face this) but if you have the mindset to keep executing your trading signals with discipline, you can emerge as a long term winner and enter the elite 5% who make the big money from currency trading.
The rewards are huge in forex trading and can be life changing.
You therefore wouldn't expect it to be easy however there's a big difference between something being easy and being possible.
So get the right forex trading education, have confidence in what you learn and the discipline to apply it and the huge profit potential of global forex trading awaits you and a potential life changing income.